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Monday, April 2nd

Monday, April 2nd

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At this point I am not sure how busy I will be tomorrow afternoon/evening. I have a couple students lined up for some after school tutoring until around 4 or 4:30. I might be able to pick up my car, which would also include dropping off the rental. I will also need to pick up Joe from the airport, as usual. So I think canceling knitting tomorrow makes sense. Sorry!

Next week is my Spring Break. Joe and I are going to Canada, but will be home on Monday (I have a dentist appointment, eww). So knitting is definitely on for April 9th.
  • 's okay. :) we've been all busy with stuff this weekend, and i think i probably would have passed on knitting again.

    oh! we found a pretty house to live in! hoo-ray! that's why i never called you back on saturday. first we went over to sign the lease, then to bellevue to pick up boxes from work, then back to house to start cleaning, and packing, and etc.

    i hope your monday isn't too stressful! *hugs*
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