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kiki - laying in the grass
there may be a slight possibility that i can't come to knitting tomorrow night. i have been furiously house-hunting, and found all kinds of pretty houses (and ugly ones too). if my most recent find calls me tomorrow and agrees to show me the house tomorrow, i will go see it, and then go home and be productive for the rest of my night (and squee, as it looks gorgeous, and we're totally applying). if not, i will be there.

if i do come, tho, i'm driving because i need to drop off our applications at this pretty house we saw in west seattle today. beth, your apartment has visitor parking, right?

  • FYI

    Just so you know, the only livejournal messages that get emailed to me are those that are actual replies to something I've said. Since I teach all day, and I don't think its appropriate to check livejournal at work, I only see messages that get emailed to me. So if you post a question late Sunday night or sometime Monday about knitting, I won't get it until late Monday evening. I'm not being rude, just sans lj capabilities.
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